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Every product Rimbak molds begins with the finest molds created from some of the most unique rock formations from varies mountains and streams, our goal is to bring to the market some of the most user-friendly and authentic products available.

So, while we started with our original molds…. Our team added features and shape that added value and flexibility to the product, The Rimbak Team is Dedicate to creating better products that are easier to use, with less seaming time, which equals more profits for you.

Rimbak created their rock products with the user in mind. We designed our rock panels to have more corners, more distinct options and a solid user experience. We are dedicated to creating the finest products for fine artists like yourself.

Please continue to give us feedback so that we can continue to refine our products, because we accomplish better things together…

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Manufactured for Quality. Molded for your Passion.

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