• Our round panel is becoming a popular choice for artist, because of its round shape, it creates more corners for the user. which is very helpful in piecing scenes together where mostly corners are needed. This panel ship’s by motor freight or by UPS if broken or cut.
  • Works great to create boulders in large mountain scenes
  • 25 actual square feet when product is laid flat. Or laid flat 60″x 60″ for size
  • Color, Light grey/brown. Made with medium density foam. (Options for high density or thick available upon request). Some rock are detail painted for display purpose only.
  • 12% Volume Discount on a $1500 order.
SKU: L-205 Categories: ,

Price: $195

Weight: 17 lbs

Size: 48 × 48 × 27 in

SKU: L-205

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 27 in

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